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Nebraska Public Hunting Grounds

Nebraska Public Hunting Grounds

Another issue, another states public hunting grounds. This issue we will look at Nebraska. As usual check before loading up that the area is still legal. Shown is public hunting grounds of 640 acres (1 square mile) or larger. If you would like the complete directory of 279 areas contact Nebraska Game and Parks.

Area Acres Game Location
Buffalo Creek WMA 2,900 Doves 5s, 2 1/2 W of Melbeta
Chadron State Park 801 9S of Chadron
Pine Ridge Nat Forest 50,853 Doves S of US 20 Chadron
Ponderosa WMA 3,659 Doves 2S Crawford
Crescent NW Refuge 40,900 Grouse , Pheasant 28N of Oshkosh
Clear Creek WMA 5,709 Pheasant 1/2 3E of Lewellen
Lake McConaughy SRA 6,492 Grouse, Waterfowl 11N of Ogallala
Metcalf WMA 2,668 Dove 12N of Hays Springs
Smith Lake WMA 640 Grouse, Pheasant,WF 23S of Rushville
Fort Robinson St Park 11,500 Dove 3W of Crawford
Gilbert-Baker WMA 2,457 Dove 4 1/2 N of Harrison
James Ranch SRA 10,000+ Grouse, Dove 3W of Crawford
Oglala Nat Grassland 94,344 Grouse,Dove NW Corner of NE
Peterson WMA 2,460 Dove 9W of Crawford
Lake Minatare SRA 2,970 Pheasant 7N of Minatare
Oliver Reservoir SRA 1,187 Waterfowl, Pheasant 8W of Kimball

Milbum Div Dam WMA 672 Pheasant, Grouse,WF 2NW of Milburn
Pine Glen WMA 960 Dove 7W, 61/2 N Bassett
Ballards Marsh WMA 1,561 Grouse, Waterfowl 20SE Valentine
Big Alkali Lake WMA 890 Waterfowl 16S, 4W of Valentine
Merritt Reservoir WMA 6,146 Grouse, Waterfowl 26SW Valentine
Samuel McKelvie Nat For 115,703 Grouse, Dove 10S of Nenzel
Valentine NWR 70,085 Grouse Pheasant 13S Valentine
Arcadia Diversion Dam 925 Pheasant, Waterfowl 4S Comstock
Pressey WMA 1,640 Pheasant, Quail 5N Oconto
Thomas Creek WMA 692 Dove 2S Springfield
Sherman Reservoir WMA 3,382 Pheasant, Quail, WF 4E Loup City
Bessey Div Nat Forest 90,445 Grouse 1W of Halsey
Calamus Reservoir WMA 10,312 Grouse,Quail, Ph, WF 4W,3N of Burwell
Keller School Land WMA 640 Grouse 3W Long Pine
Bobcat WMA 893 Dove 10N, 1W Ainsworth

Grove Lake WMA 1,746 Pheasant, Quail, WF 2N of Royal
Ponca State Park 803 Deer 2N of Ponca
Bazile Creek WMA 4,500 Pheasant, Quail, WF 2E of Niobrara
Bohemia Praire WMA 680 Dove 5S, 4W of Niobrara
Lewis & Clark Lake SRA 1,227 Pheasant,Quail, WF 15N of Crofton
Oak Valley WMA 640 Pheasant, Quail 2 1/2S, 1W of Battle Creek
Yellowbanks WMA 680 Pheasant, Quail 3N of Battle Creek
George Syas WMA 917 Pheasant, Quail 2S, 2E of Genoa
Wood Duck WMA 668 Pheasant, Quail, WF 1 1/2W of Stanton
Willow Creek SRA 1600 Pheasant, Quail, WF 1 1/2 SW Pierce

Schilling WMA 1,465 Waterfowl 2NE of Plattsmouth
Harvard Marsh FWA 1,484 Pheasant, Waterfowl 4W, 1N of Harvard
Massie Lagoon FWA 670 Pheasant, Waterfowl 3S of Clay
Mallard Haven FWA 927 Pheasant, Waterfowl 2N of Shickley
Cornhusker WMA 840 Pheasant, Quail 4W of US 281 Hall Co
Osage WMA 778 Pheasant, Quail 3N, 2W of Tecumseh
Twin Oak WMA 795 Pheasant, Quail 2E, 3S of Tecumseh
Branch Oak Lake WMA 4,406 Pheasant, Quail, WF 3N of Malcom
Pawnee Lake SRA 1,184 Pheasant, Quail, WF 3W, 3N of Emerald
Wagon Train Lake SRA 720 Pheasant, Quail, WF 2E of Hickman
Yankee Hill WMA 728 Pheasant, Quail, WF 2 1/2 E of Denton
Pawnee Praire WMA 1,012 Pheasant, Quail 7S, 1E Burchard
Twin Lakes WMA 1,015 Pheasant, Quail 4N, 4E of Milford
Rock Glen WMA 707 Quail 5S, 4E of Jansen

Enders Reservoir WMA 3,643 Pheasant, Quail, WF 9SE of Imperial
Macon Lakes FWA 925 Pheasant, Waterfowl 6 N of Franklin
Medicine Creek WMA 6,726 Pheasant, Quail, WF 2W of Cambridge
Red Willow Reservoir WMA 4,320 Pheasant, Quail, WF 11N of McCook
Elwood Reservoir SRA 900 Pheasant, Quail, WF 2N of Elwood
Peterson Basin FWA 1,154 Pheasant, Waterfowl 3S of Bertrand
Harlan Cty Reservoir FR 17,278 Pheasant, Quail, WF Alma
Swanson Reservoir WMA 3,957 Pheasant, Quail, WF 2W Trenton
Praire Dog Marsh FWA 811 Pheasant, Waterfowl 2E, 2N Wilcox
North River WMA 681 Pheasant, Quail, WF 2N Hershey
Atlanta Marsh FWA 1,120 Pheasant, Waterfowl 1/2N of Atlanta
Funk Lagoon FWA 1,900 Pheasant, Waterfowl 1E, 3N of Funk
Sacramento WMA 3,023 Pheasant, Quail, WF 2W of Wilcox


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